Last week, as I had the holiday, so I asked my friends to take a trip with me. We decided to go to Guangzhou finally. Before the day we left, we booked the hotel and tickets. When we arrive in Guangzhou, we saw the subway, it was very convenient. But none of us had read the map, so we had no idea how to get to our hotel. We asked the one who worked at the subway, and thanks to his help, we found our hotel. But it took us half a day. The first day was really tiring. Then the next day, we went to visit the famous sites, we were still struggling about the road. Until then did we realize that it was important for us to get to know the road. We should search for the information before we arrived here. The unpleasant trip teaches us a lesson.


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一次不愉快的旅行 Un unpleasant Trip