Square dance is very popular in China now, it is read by a group of women whose ages are below the 40s. As such a group women don’t have many ways of entertainment, they dance in the square when the night comes as a habit. But more and more people are annoyed by the square dance women, they hope that the women can stop their dancing habit.


On the one hand, for the women who get used to dancing in the square, they argue that they have worked for many years since they are retired now, they have the right to enjoy the rest of their lives. It is true that these women have the right to enjoy their lives, they deserve to entertain themselves after so many years working.


On the other hand, the people who live near the square complain that the music disturbs them all night, they can’t stand the loud noise. These are most people’s inner worlds, when they watch TV at home, the loud music bothers them to hear the voice. For the children, they can’t focus their minds on their studies.


The women should consider other people, they can dance in a place where is far away from the residential areas, in that case, it is a win-win situation.



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