This quotation from Winston Churchill tells us that we shouldn’t lose courage after a failure if we want to make something successfully, and although we failed much time in one thing, we still must keep our original intention and enthusiasm. 
Three years ago, I accidentally realized that my handwriting looks sort of ugly; however, my best friend’s handwriting is real nice as an art. Then I have a passion for the beauty of handwriting, so I decided to practice calligraphy. But the result of half-year practice was unsatisfied than expected. I was very frustrated and want to give up. My friend found my sadness about that, she encouraged me and gave some advice like there was something wrong with my way to hold the pen. She corrected the holding position and encouraged me that I could do better while kept practicing. With her enthusiastic help, I stick at doing the calligraphy exercise and I have better handwriting than before. Actually, I find joy in it and the exercises become one of my habits and hobbies. Therefore the key to success consists in your persistence of the intention.
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