In China, when people go across the road, they will never wait for the red light patiently. In fact, Chinese people are famous for running the green light, it seems to be a habit for them, the traffic rule is just the paper for them, they never obey it. The result of going against the traffic rule is serious.


On the one hand, running the red light is not civilized behavior, Chinese people will bring the foreign people a bad impression. When a foreigner comes to China, he is so curious about the way Chinese people go across the road, he waits for the green light, while a lot of Chinese people ignore the traffic rule and go directly. He feels so hilarious about the situation, it is so uncivilized behavior.


On the other hand, running the red light results in accidents, people will lose their lives. Every year, many people die of car accidents, the main reason is that they do not obey the traffic rule, when they go across the road, the car hits them and the tragedy happens.


Running the red light is not right, people will even pay for their lives, we should obey the traffic rules, be civilized people.


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